We are currently producing hand sanitizer to help fight against the spread of COVID 19. 
  • This is for sale to both the public and to businesses.


  • This hand sanitizer is a liquid made from high-proof denatured rum, glycerin, and hydrogen peroxide.  It’s a thinner liquid than the gel-style hand sanitizer you may be used to, and although it can be used in a pump dispenser, it’s best applied by spray bottle.


  • There is a severe shortage in pump and spray bottles in America, so we’re offering our hand sanitizer in 64 oz (half gallon) jugs, as well as 5 gallon buckets.  This also allows us to pass savings onto the customer when we package it in larger bottles.  

  • We do have 5 oz hot sauce style bottles with droppers on the top, which are great to carry your pocket so you can splash sanitizer on your hands whenever necessary.  But we do encourage you to reuse spray bottles you may have lying around.  We will provide an update when we’ve acquired the currently backordered spray bottles ourselves.


  • The Tampa Bay Rum Company is located at:  


2102 East 4th Avenue, Tampa, FL 33605


  • Our current days and hours for public sale are:


 Thursday:    4pm-8pm

 Friday:        4pm-8pm

 Saturday:    12pm-6pm

 Sunday:      12pm-4pm


  • We are set up outside of our distillery to allow for safe physical distancing, so you can arrive anytime during those hours for pick up and take away.  If you are a business with a large order, please call or email in advance, so we can put the order together for a pick up time.  


  • If you are buying for yourself, your family, and/or friends, there is no need to pre-order.  You can simply stop by during our public sales hours.  Unfortunately, we’re not set up to ship orders, but we hope this helps the Tampa Bay community by giving you a convenient location for pick up.  


  • As we’ve increased production and sourced more bulk materials from which to make our hand sanitizer, our costs have reduced somewhat, so we’re passing our savings on to our customers.  The current price of our three container sizes of hand sanitizer are as follows:

  •  200ml Spray Bottle:  $4.99

  • 1L bottle Bottle: $9.99

  •  5 gallon bucket:  $175.00



And don’t forget!  We also have some amazing craft rums and cane vodka available for take away pick up at our distillery during those hours.  Looking forward to seeing you soon.

The Tampa Bay Rum Company, located in Ybor City is one of the oldest rum distilleries in Tampa, having commenced production of their fine grog in the year 2018 CE or Anno Domini, should you prefer the classic designation. 


The ghost of Jose Gaspar and his marauding pirate crew can still be felt within the ancient walls of our distillery and you will be transported to yesteryear whilst sampling our Gaspar’s and Gasparilla Rum’s at our Buccaneer Bar.

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2102 East 4th Avenue

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